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Pond Planting


We Now Do Pond Planting

If you would like to have your own water garden planted and installed we now do delivery and installation. For large companys or for your residence, we can arrive with well grown plants or come preapared to trim and re plant your own. We also do complete drain and rinsing as well as filtration checking and cleaning. From bare to well planted we can help to make your pond an escape from your day.

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Van Ness Water Gardens, 2460 North Euclid Ave., Upland, CA 91784

For those of you do it your selfers we have a nice how to below.

Planting Instructions and Helpful Tips

Planting Diagram

Line pots with 2-ply of newspaper to prevent dirt running out the drainage holes. Fill Planters one-half full of good topsoil. Do not use potting mixes, compost or peat, etc. Mix in suggested amount of granulated fertilizerfor the size container you are using. Finish filling planter with topsoil. Wet soil thoroughly before planting. Hardy lilies should be planted with their tuber against the side of the planter, at a 45-degree angle with its crown out of the soil. Tropical water lilies and all other aquatics are planted in the center of the planter. Then, slowly lower the planter to the suggested depth for each type of plant. If the plants will be too deep, prop the container up with bricks, inverted pots, etc.

Aquatic plants CANNOT be allowed to dry out at all. Lilies and grasses should either be planted in the pond itself after you've prepared and positioned the planter or planted individually and immediately placed in the pond.