Van Ness water Gardens

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Scheduled Maintenance

We Now Do Pond Cleanings and Maintenance

If your pond is too over grown and too much work to keep up. We would be happy to put the plants back in check and replant all that we can. We also do complete drain and rinsing as well as filtration checking and cleaning. From bare root to well potted we can trim and maintain your water garden restoring it to its original beauty.

Come on in or give us a call at the gardens for a quote.

(909) 982-2425

Van Ness Water Gardens, 2460 North Euclid Ave., Upland, CA 91784

For those of you do it your selfers we have a helpful list below, Feel free to check our Monthly Maintenance Check List for more helpful lists.


  • Remove old foliage
  • Add soil to planters as needed
  • Replant plants as needed
  • Remove small eyes from lily roots for more blooms
  • Fertilize as needed
  • Sweep pond bottom up to 80%
  • Inspect fish for diseases and general health
  • Spray aphids with BUG U GON if needed
  • Install SUPER BUGS
  • Use algae control as needed
  • Clean filter and inspect pump
  • Inspect pond for cracks
  • Check GFI
  • Feed fish
  • Test water to insure water quality


  • Install SUPER BUGS
  • Remove leaves from bottom of pond
  • Vacuum pond bottom
  • Fertilize plants with VAN NESS TABLETS
  • Replant as needed
  • Replace nitrobond and pads in filters
  • Insure fish food is still good
  • Test water to insure water quality


  • Install SUPER BUGS
  • Spray aphids if needed with BUG U GON
  • Fertilize plants
  • Trim excess growth
  • Quit feeding fish
  • Keep leaves from pond
  • Vacuum pond bottom
  • Remove and store plants in very cold climates
  • Install POND DE-ICER