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Fish Protection

Bird-X Netting
Bird-X NettingKeep pesky raccoons and birds from snacking on your pond fish and plants with Bird-X protective netting. A great all-around pond cover, it can be simply draped over the pond for quick coverage. You can also place the netting 1" below the water line. Can also be used to collect falling or blowing leaves from clogging your pond. The 3/4" mesh netting is made with UV-resistant plastic for a long life.
S010 - Bird-X Netting - $44.99 - 28' x 28' Quantity:
S531 - Bird-X Netting - $21.99 - 14 ft x 14 ft Quantity:
Electronic Scare-Crow
Electronic Scare-CrowDiscourage unwanted wildlife & pets from visiting your pond. The Electronic Scare-Crow senses animals such as raccoons & opossums, also detects birds such as herons and egrets. It will detect rabbits, skunks, deer, cats & dogs etc. It works the same way security lights detect people, movement and heat. When an animal is detected the Scare-Crow instantly opens its water valve, releasing a harmless three second pulsating spray of water over its coverage area (Spray distance is adjustable). The combination of sudden noise, movement and water frightens the animals away. The Scare-Crow works 24 hours a day in the dark or daylight. It is easy to assemble and install. Requires one 9 volt battery (not included) and garden hose / water supply hook-up. Will cover an area up to 35 by 45 feet. The sensitivity is adjustable. Includes detailed instructions manual.
S705 - $108.99 Quantity: