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Natural and Safe, Expert Water Plant Growers

Our hardy plants are grown outdoors with organic fertilizers. We do add a phosphate to build and strengthen the root systems. No insecticides are used. We use age-old methods to protect our employees, plants, and clients from insecticides and herbicides.

Our plants are freshly cut and organically stimulated prior to packing and shipping. In warm weather there is often an odor to the plants when received. This odor is the result of the plant being packaged without a synthetic odor remover, and the odor is in fact the plant resetting its growth and vascular system in preparation to grow in your pond. Because it is dark inside the shipping boxes the plants may lose their green photosynthesis color (depending on how long they were in transit) and have a yellow tint to them. This is an indication that a survival hormone has been activated and that the plant is ready to grow. Our plants are packaged to last 15 days in transit and do not respond or act the same as dry land plants.

The correct amount of foliage and roots have been removed from the plants in preperation for shipping. The life would be drained from the plant if it were trying to support large amounts of foliage and roots while in transit and during transplanting. These plants are ready to be planted and are ready to move ahead in growth.

Our plants are free of harmful viruses and funguses. Our hybrids are produced the old fashioned way. Our plants are not root bound or too old (roots that are to old or too big will take longer to rebound from transplanting).

Our tropicals are started in greenhouses and moved outside to produce a hardy plant (a labor intensive process that produces smaller but much stronger plants).

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