Van Ness water Gardens

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Monthly Maintenance Check List

To keep your pond looking its best - and plants and fish healthy - follow this monthly maintenance program. We've prepared this handy checklist to use each month. If you can, wash pond nightly with sprinkler to clean plants, add water, and wash insects off plants and into the water where they'll be enjoyed by your fish.

January February March April May June July August September October November December


                        Remove old foliage from Water Garden
                        Add soil to Water Garden planters as required
                        Replant Water Garden planters as required
                        Remove small plants from Water Lily Root to increase blooming
                        Fertilize with Tablets
                        Sweep Water Garden bottom
                        Inspect Pond Fish for disease
                        Wash aphids of Water Garden Plants
                        Use Algae control chemicals, if needed
                        Clean Water Garden Filter and pressurize pond pump lines with water nozzle
                        Protect tropical plant bulbs with half inch chicken wire cage
                        Inspect koi pond for cracks and patch as necessary
                        Check GFI ground
                        Feed pond fish
                        Make not of water gardens aquatic plants that need replanting and re-pot as soon as possible
                        Test pond waters ammonia level
                        check to make sure water gardens pH range is within 7.5 to 9.5